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2007 S&S Dirt Car Prerunner LS 6.0, Fortin


Complete refresh in 2012, 3-4 trips since then.


LS 6.0 liter 383 stroker - runs on 91 octane


Eagle crank and rods


DRP pistons


Always services with Mobile 1 synthetic


Fortin Wide 4 trans with 934.5 axles 


Super Trapp tips with Thorly headers


Fox internal bypass up front, coil carrier and bypass in rear.


Gear one Mid Boards hubs rear/Gear one hollows in front.


Lawrence Baja 540GPS  


Icom Race radio


PCI Intercom


Ipod AMP/hook up


HID light Bar with Vision X 6.5 inch 50 watt HID's


Road Lights


Roof rack


Window nets


16 gal tank with 36 gallon added tank for pre-running.


High lift jack with spare


Window nets




Crow 5 points belts.


Parker Pumper for driver and co-driver


This car was successfully used for prerunning Baja.


Its family owned and well take care of.


They are selling because they have relocated and won't have a use for the car any more.




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