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Show Quality C10

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The following was written by the current owner of the truck.

1972 Chevy C-10 Fleetside was bought in 1997 when I was in high school for my first vehicle.  I was in search of my dream car, which was a 1969 SS Camaro at the good guys car show in Pleasanton.  I was there all weekend and nothing seemed to be in my price range to buy and rebuild.  Things were not looking good at this point.  I remembered that I had a friend in high school who had a 1972 Chevy C-10 which I thought was nice.  My father asked me if there was any other vehicle that I would be interested in if we could not find what I was looking for.  I told my father because of my friend's truck that I liked maybe I should look for one.  I knew that it was different and not quite what I really wanted.  On the last day searching at the car show I happened to find a truck in my price range that we could rebuild.   My intention with this adventure was to find something to start as a father son project.  Since I found something I was eager to buy it and start learning how to restore a classic truck for the first time. 



The engine is a small block 327, numbers match a 1965 corvette stingray.  The miles are unknown on the actual motor.  Prior to me the person I bought the truck off of said there had been some motor work added like a cam but was not really sure what specifics about the motor.  He said he had the truck for about 4 years through and was going away for college so he needed the money.  My father and I pulled the motor out and replaced parts on motor in 1998-99: MSD ignition with wire plugs, Elderbrock valve cover and air cleaner, 750 holly carburetor, Elderbrock air gap aluminum intake manifold, timing chain and aluminum cover, alternator, power steering pump added, new master brake cylinder, all new rubber hoses.  An alarm system and solenoids were put in the doors to pop the door open with a key less remote. 


Lowering kit, wheels and rims, exhaust in 1999 (later changed to full air ride)


Radiator rebuilt 1999.


Turbo 350 transmission was pulled and rebuilt.  B&M mega shifter put in on the floor with a shift kit installed in 1999.


The Approx. on rear end gears is between 456 and 411


1999-2000 body and paint was done by De Rosa in Pittsburg, shaved all door handles, mirrors, lights, rain gutters, put a roll pan instead of the rear bumper and put an aftermarket front grill.  The paint is Tangelo Pearl, which is from House of Colors.  The fuel tank was removed from the cab and replaced with an aluminum fuel cell with new fuel lines under the rear bed where the spare tire use to be. 


Once I got the truck back from the shop in 2000 it was always parked in the garage at my moms house.  I moved out and went to college in 2001 and my truck was moved to my father's house, which it was parked in the garage from 2001-2008.  The truck was started, maintained and driven around the block at least once a month to keep in running condition. 


The truck was then moved to my house in 2008.   It was kept in my garage till present day.  When I was able to put more money in the truck in 2012 I did some more modifications.  I took it to Extreme Motorsports for full Painless wiring harness kit, headers, new exhaust with Camaro tips, full air ride suspension, billet steering column and wheel, new gauges and air ride gauge installed, heater deleted, 22" rims and wheels. 


My plans for the truck started to change. I realized its time to build a '69 Camaro. I want to sell my truck and let someone else have the satisfaction of enjoying it.  





Redoing the interior was next on the list. Although the current interior is clean and presentable, its simply not up to par with the rest of the truck. Most all of the components have been purchased for the completion of the interior.

Click here for pictures of the included interior parts

Here at Extreme Motorsports, we have had the pleasure of working with this truck on a few occassions. Each time this truck is here in our shop, its a show stopper. Not only our customers make extra effort to stop as they're driving by, and pull in to check it out, but even us gear heads can't get enough of it. We have been proud to be a part of this build, and now we are just as proud to help re-home it. We have only had one other car come through our shop that had this quality and level of integrity put in to the body and paint. As an expert, I can say with confidence, this body and paint is a 10. Many have guessed that the work involved in duplicating this body and paint work would far exceed $20,000. Plus, over the last few years, we have invoiced the current owner for just over $21,000 for the Ride Technologies Air Ride system, steering, brakes, headers, Painless wiring, custom guages, and much more.
One can only imagine how much money has been invested in the truck to get it to this level. 
With the current economy, we have priced this truck to sell! 

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 photo DSC02218_zps4fbe3878.jpg  photo DSC02217_zps2c32fea5.jpg  photo DSC02216_zpse551ee9d.jpg  photo DSC02211_zps6e1b4b95.jpg  photo DSC02209_zpsb69a0eaf.jpg  photo DSC02208_zps1c8cef88.jpg  photo DSC02207_zps4d242b4a.jpg  photo DSC02205_zps9e59363a.jpg  photo DSC02204_zps9e456b7b.jpg  photo DSC02203_zpsa06d49e3.jpg  photo DSC02202_zps9dc82eee.jpg  photo DSC02201_zps930d51e4.jpg  photo DSC02200_zps4c726213.jpg 
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Check out this 'walk around' video

Here's a video below of the air ride

The following three pictures are with the suspension set at 'ride height' meaning, this is the height it will be while driving down the street.

 photo rideheightpic1_zps8fcb013b.jpg  photo morerideheghtpics4_zps7027fde9.jpg  photo morerideheghtpics3_zps826b6d43.jpg